Storrington End of Year Letter

Storrington End of Year Letter
Posted on 06/24/2021
Note From the Principal

Dear Storrington Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

As we close on what has been another challenging and difficult school year, we would like to take the time to acknowledge you and your children for all your support, understanding and flexibility.  Although this year looked a lot different, it is important that we still take the time to focus and reflect on all of the successes and accomplishments.  As parents and guardians, you have all been instrumental in guiding your child(ren) through these times and you have worked tirelessly ensuring both their academic success and their well-being.  On behalf of all the staff at Storrington, we want to thank you for everything you have done to support your child’s growth and development.

The end of a school year will sometimes bring about change and, unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to some staff that have dedicated their time and efforts in supporting the staff and students at Storrington.

Please join me in wishing Ms. Lisa Angelo, our Grade 4/5 and Grade 6/7 Teacher Support teacher, all the best as she transitions to Loughborough Public School.  We know that she will continue to do an awesome job teaching and supporting students.  

We want to thank Mme. Melahat Tosun for all her work and effort in teaching French to our students in Grades 1 to 8.  She did an amazing job introducing and teaching our students French.  We wish her all the best in her next journey.

Mme. Fyke will also be leaving us and will be joining the staff at Odessa Public School.  Again, Mme. Fyke did a great job teaching French to some of our youngest learners.  We wish her well at Odessa PS.  

Next year, Ms. Richelle Bowen will be teaching Empower at the Kingston East Public School and Elginburg Public School.  We want to thank Ms. Bowen for everything she has done to teach and support our Empower students.  They have come so far in their reading thanks to Ms. Bowen’s guidance.    

We want to wish Ms. Kait Dixon all the best as she will be welcoming her first child over the summer.  We can’t wait to meet our newest member of the Stinger family.  

We also say goodbye to Ms. Julie Burrows, who has been covering for Ms. King in the role of Student Support Counsellor.  Ms. Burrows will be transitioning back into her role on the Autism Team.  

Finally, we say goodbye to the amazing Ms. Joan MacGregor, who has been the face of Storrington for the last 3 years.  After 32 years with the board, 20 years in the Secondary panel and 12 in the Elementary panel, Ms. MacGregor has decided to officially retire.  Within that time, she has worn many hats, working as a Secondary Guidance/Student Services Clerk, Main Office Clerk, and Elementary Office Administrator.  Her contributions travelled across the board, working at NDSS, ESS, LaSalle SS, Odessa Public School, Cataraqui Woods ES and most recently, the last three years at Storrington Public School.  

Above and beyond the daily tasks of an Office Administrator, Ms. MacGregor enjoyed listening to students read, celebrating student successes with a sticker or a pencil, and sharing her infectious laugh with colleagues.  Her selfless dedication and commitment will be greatly missed by the students, staff, and the Storrington School community.  We have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her and we wish her a happy and well-deserved retirement.  

We want to wish our parting staff all the best and let them know they will always have a place in the Storrington community.  

We are very lucky to have a supportive School Council.  They have been fundamental in supporting the school, staff and students.  Although this year was difficult and we weren’t able to complete many initiatives, we want to thank them for all their efforts and we are looking forward to working with them next year.  

In preparation for the 2021-2022 school year, there are still many factors that need to be planned for.  As a result, we will not be sharing the class placements with students until closer to the start of school in September.  As the summer progresses, please visit the Limestone District School Board website or our Storrington Public School website for updates and additional information.  

As I say goodbye, I will take the time to reflect over the last year.  There have been so many great moments and memories that have made an impact on me, both personally and professionally.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Storrington and feel that I am very lucky to have the continued support of the school community.  I am grateful to be the Principal of a school that is accepting and inclusive of everyone.  

I wish you all a safe and healthy summer and look forward to seeing everyone in September.  


Ean Pattison

Storrington Projected School Organization

JK/SK A- Ms. Flanigan
JK/SK B- Ms. Freeland/Ms. Griffin
Grade 1/2 A- Ms. Coleman
Grades 1/2 B- Ms. Kuhnke
Grade 2/3- Ms. Gifford
Grade 4/5- Ms. Skinner/Ms. Jackson
Grades 5/6- Ms. Roberts
Grades 6/7- Mr. Pare
Grades 7/8- Mr. Freeland
School to Community- Ms. Telford
Planning Time- Ms. Brooks/TBD
French- Mme. Dannenberg
          - TBD
Educational Assistants- Ms. McDonald
                               - Ms. Jackson
                               - Ms. Boyle
                               - Mr. Goodfellow
Interpreter- Ms. Hanley
Office Administrator- TBD
Custodians- Mr. Brown/Ms. Lutz
SST- Ms. Jackson
Principal- Mr. Pattison