Week at a Glance- January 3 to January 7

Week at a Glance- January 3 to January 7
Posted on 01/02/2022
Week at a Glance

Hello Storrington Stingers,


We truly hope that you and your family had a safe and happy holiday.  We want to wish all our Stingers a Happy New Year!  We are hoping for a more normal 2022 and are excited for the continued opportunity to work and learn with all of you.  We are truly looking forward to seeing all our Stingers on Wednesday, January 5.

Please see the information below in this week’s Week at a Glance.  


Return to School Delayed

On Thursday, December 30, 2021, the provincial government announced that elementary students would not be returning to in-class learning until Wednesday, January 5.  Monday, January 3 and Tuesday, January 4 are non-instructional days for students.  

As well, further information regarding schools was released by the provincial government.  LDSB continues to review the provincial direction to understand the changes and make necessary adjustments to our school routines and health and safety protocols.


Technology Return

If you borrowed a device (iPad or Chromebook) from the school, we are asking that you send the device back to school with your child.  Families are also welcome to contact the school to set up a time for drop-off.  We are hoping that all devices can be returned this week so that they can be used for in-class instruction.  


How to Support the Transition Back to School

A return after a break can sometimes be difficult for students.  When discussing the return to school, continue to be positive with your language and feelings about the return to school.  Acknowledge your child’s concerns and try to provide reassurance when/where needed.  Allow for dialogue and try to answer any questions they might have.  Remember, children are perceptive and will look to us for direction. 


Changes to Kindergarten Masking Requirements

Public Health has mandated that all students in Kindergarten are required to wear a mask unless they have a medical exemption.  If your child should be exempted from wearing a mask, please contact the office regarding next steps.  


Some Reminders for Our Return

As we return to school, here are some reminders for a safe and successful return:

-Please ensure that your child has their own water bottle.

-Since all students are required to wear a mask, we encourage all students to have at least two masks available to them at school.  This will allow students to replace their mask if it gets wet or dirty. 

-Dirty masks should be replenished and cleaned on a daily basis.

-We ask that students refrain from bringing in toys and equipment.  All students will continue to have access to their classroom equipment bins for play at recess.

-Please continue to assess your child, every morning, for possible COVID symptoms.  


Confirmation of Daily Screening

Families must diligently screen students for symptoms of COVID-19 using  the revised screening tool. As well, each morning, students in Grades 7 and 8 are required to complete the Covid Screener Confirmation.  The confirmation is sent daily to Grade 7 and 8 students’ Limestone email accounts.  Students should not come to school if they have any symptoms and/or feel sick. Families should ensure they test students using the Rapid Antigen Tests provided before the break as an additional screening tool before returning students to school on Wednesday, January 5. If the test is positive, students should isolate based on the new public health directives.  


Hot Lunch Orders

The online ordering is open to order hot lunch for January 12 and January 14.  The ordering window for those dates will close on Sunday, January 10 at 12:00.

News from our Parent Council for the 2021-2022 School Year

A reminder that all parents/guardians are welcome to attend school council meetings.  Our next school council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 1 at 6:30.

If you’re interested in participating on the school council, please email Brittany Smith at [email protected] or visit the School Council Facebook page for the event link. 


Week Ahead

Monday, January 3

-Non-Instructional Day

Tuesday, January 4

-Non-Instructional Day

Wednesday, January 5

-Return to In-Person Learning

-Hot Lunch

Thursday, January 6

Friday, January 7

-Hot Lunch

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, January 12 

-Tropical Day

Wednesday, January 26

-Bell Let’s Talk Day

Thursday, January 27

-Family Literacy Day

Month of February

-Black History Month

Tuesday, February 1

-School Council Meeting

Wednesday, February 2

-PA Day

Monday, February 14

-Pink, Red and White Day

-Have a Heart Day

Friday, February 18

-Term 1 Report Cards go Home

Monday, February 21

-Family Day