Our Staff

We are very fortunate to have an amazing staff at Storrington Public School.  

JK/SK A- Ms. Freeland/Ms. Griffin

SK/Grade 1- Ms. Kuhnke

Grades 1/2- Ms. Coleman

Grades 2/3- Ms. Flanigan

Grades 3/4- Ms. Gifford

Grades 4/5- Ms. Beggs

Grades 5/6- Ms. Roberts

Grades 6/7- Mr. Pare

Grades 7/8- Mr. Freeland

School to Community- Ms. Telford

Planning Time- Ms. Sturgis

French- Mme. Dannenberg

Sign Language Interpreter- Ms. Taylor

Educational Assistants- Ms. McDonald

 - Ms. Jackson

 - Ms. Boyle

 - Mr. Goodfellow

 - Ms. Goedman

Office Administrator- Ms. Gordon

Custodians- Mr. Brown/Mr. Nourry

SSC- Ms. King

SST- Ms. Bowen

Principal- Mr. Pattison